Enabling luxury travel brands to create powerful experiential journeys  through empowering community engagement.


What we do.

At Beyond Sustainability we help shape our clients’ future, combining our entrepreneurial business insight with a deep understanding of how sustainability will impact the travel & tourism industry and future business models. We focus on issues related to community engagement, sustainable design and operating procedures, as well as the future of sustainability, enabling us to help our clients find value and growth in what we believe will be the future of travel.


Why we are different.

We understand the mechanics of true sustainability - both from an environmental perspective, but more importantly a social perspective. We have the people, skills, insights and deep industry experience needed to help our clients define new forms of sustainable, social and environmental value. We also understand the subtle orchestrations, decisions and strategies that set leaders and innovators apart. We bring the art and science of sustainability together to help our clients create a truly unique experience — one that inspires, connects, engages, roots and makes the ordinary extraordinary. That’s beyond sustainability, delivered.

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How we do it.


Incremental change is ok. But, we believe building for a sustainable future means making bold moves, and sometimes, tough decisions that will transform your business. At Beyond Sustainability we're proud of the work we do to help shape the way the world’s leading travel & tourism companies structure and manage their business for a sustainable future. And we are passionate about harnessing innovative - and occasionally disruptive - strategies to take our clients “beyond sustainability”.

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Being Sustainable isn’t for the future.



Who We Are

Amy Carter-James.


Amy's heart, skills and expertise lie in finding innovative ways for tourism to be used to help local communities and the environment. She is a global leader in this field, having won every award of note in the "sustainable" tourism industry. She was tipped as one of the top 30 under 30 in London to watch as well as selected as the International Hotel Investment Forum's "Young Leader" in 2011. She has over 15 years experience owning and operating an eco-boutique hotel (Guludo Beach Lodge, Mozambique), that delivers an authentic experience to its guests and continues to uplift over 36,000 people living in extreme poverty. She has spent the last decade advising and consulting with some of the leading hotel brands in the world on how to maximise local benefits and strengthen their brand.


Who We Are

Neal Carter-James.

CHIEF Strategist

As a co-founder of Guludo Beach Lodge, Neal has led the strategic direction of the company since it’s inception, positioning the brand at the forefront of sustainable tourism worldwide. A branding and strategy expert, he has spent over 10 years advising some of the leading global hotel & leisure brands on strategic direction and brand positioning with a focus on sustainability and social community engagement. Motivated by creating disruptive business models, with an eye for detail and always efficient with his communication, Neal is continually seeking to get to the root of a brand's “why”. Once there he enjoys tearing up the rule book, then helping to rebuild from the rubble to create something even greater.